The story of the phoenix has been told for years...

The story of the phoenix has been told for years, and as it passed down from generation to generation, it has inspired many stories. Books have been written on it, movies have been made, and today the phoenix has become an icon: it symbolizes those who stand up to difficulties, overcome the impossible, and whose love of life always prevails.

FOEN symbolizes strong and independent women who pursue their desires and dreams. Just like the phoenix, women have the power to rise from their ashes and rise even stronger than before after each fall. FOEN takes its inspiration from these strong women.

FOEN’s creation process is inspired by the life story of Nesli Argit Özkan, the founder of the brand, who just like the phoenix rose from her ashes. With an everlasting enthusiasm and excitement, FOEN aims to design jewelry that will make women of all ages, body types and races realize their strength, energy, creativity, skills and further inspire them.