Mahuka Collection carries the symbols of the war goddesses of Themiscyra, inspiring modern women to also be as fearless to pursue their dreams without apprehension.

Mahuka Collection is inspired by the warrior goddesses of Themiscyra, some of the strongest women of all times who made history by bravely standing against patriarchy.

Mahuka tells the story of brave women from all over the world who can say, “we are different faces of each other,” who are not afraid to recreate themselves when necessary, and who have unconditional and continuous faith in one another from generation to generation. Every piece of the collection represents the existence of strong women just like the war goddesses of Themiscyra, who were our source of inspiration with their courage to embrace life fearlessly in 2000 BC.

Symbols, inspired by the power of the warrior goddesses, first come to life with a simple pen and paper; then in the crafty hands of jewelry artisans of Grand Bazaar, where they find their final form in gold. Following this fascinating journey, Foen Jewelry becomes a unique collection ready to convey its message of strength and courage to many generations of women.